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What is WW?

What is Wavicle Work (WW)?

Wavicle Work is a technique using unconditional love to heal and integrate resistances to your desired reality. WW is instant yoga for spiritual fulfillment, a profoundly simple and natural process to help you experience Union with the Divine quickly, easily and joyously. And WW is instant yagya for material fulfillment, a nondual divine offering to help you swiftly dissolve deep-seated obstacles and enjoy more strength, energy, prosperity, satisfying relationships, fulfilling work, and freedom. It’s effortless and also a lot of fun! And it’s much easier to practice than it is to describe. Call 641-919-7423 to arrange a private WW session, or try an online Wavicle Workshop here.

How does it work?

WW is a swift and easy process of attending to your wavicles, thought-angels, or devatas, appreciating their divine mission and welcoming them into your Wholeness to enjoy both spiritual and material fulfillment. Wavicle Work’s first three steps of instant yoga-yagya or ashtanga yoga are:

Asana — being grounded in a position both firm in your desire and relaxed in your openness to its fulfillment;
Pranayama — breathing divinely energized life into your body; and
Pratyahara — bringing your attention from the problem “out there” into its corresponding thought-seed, tension point, or wavicle within the body, “in here,” and letting it do the breathing.

Your next three steps are just as quick and easy:

Dharana — giving the tension-spot or wavicle in your body unconditional Love with a simple script, thanking your wavicle for fulfilling its role in showing you this dramatic aspect of your Wholeness, just as you asked it to do;
Dhyana — giving your wavicle unconditional Light, reminding it of its celestial nature and ever-unfolding mission as your divine child, your angel and your devotee, and offering it anything and everything it most needs and desires; and
Samadhi — welcoming your wavicle home in unconditional Laughter or bliss into its perfect Heaven on Earth within you, now and forever. As your wavicles are your own thoughts and subtle senses, harmoniously resonating with all wavicles everywhere, what you do for the smallest of these, you do for your own Self and for your entire world.

Lastly, you check for any objections or “yeah-buts” other wavicles might be offering, as this is an opportunity to expand and ground your gifts to them and to your Self, and you repeat the process with them until all of your wavicles are in harmony and your entire body is content. Congratulations! You have now shifted timelines into your desired reality.

When this is done, the other aspects of yoga — the Yamas or virtues and Niyamas or disciplines — are perfected automatically in the spontaneous celebration of the Golden Rule: What you do to “others,” your wavicles, you actually do to your own Self. The blessings and benefits you give your wavicles, are a yoga-yagya for your own embodied Self. Call 641-919-7423 to arrange a private WW session, or try an online Wavicle Workshop here.

What exactly is a Wavicle?

Usually pronounced way-vick-cull, a wavicle is both a wave and a particle. Quantum physicists coined the term to describe the dual properties of a unit of light and other forms of radiation. We use it subjectively to describe the similarly dual properties of a unit of your infinite and eternally radiant consciousness. Just as light-squared is the constant intermediary between energy and mass, your consciousness aware of itself is the constant intermediary between your spirit and your body. A wavicle is a self-conscious light-being, soul, or mind-creature, who translates the waves of your energetic, absolute creator-spirit into the particles of your material, relative body of creation.

Perceivable as a conscious tension-flow or attention-point within your awareness, your currently-predominant wavicle is a member of your divine body, of that congregation or assembly of celestials you as creator have emanated and set in motion to color and sing and shape your infinitely creative Oneness into your own creation of multiplicity. Whether you call them thoughts, angels, devatas, senses, old programs, memories, pains, problems, desires, stars, other people, cells, or atoms, your wavicles are all fundamentally the same. Each is your Indescribable Wholeness collapsed into a thought-wave or an I-point, responding to your conscious or unconscious mandate to create a unique spacetime story for you to experience, enjoy, and integrate, thereby to grow in your own Wholeness.

Entertaining a thought-wave or a bound sense of self is natural — it is through these creature-selves that your unbounded creator-self knows and enjoys your space-time creation — but identifying completely with any wavicle eventually brings discomfort and suffering as you forget your infinite and eternal nature and believe in the limitations of the story you have given your wavicle to enact.

Wavicle Work is very simple, and very effective. It easily shows you that you are already Awake, naturally unbound, and teaches you how to effortlessly give every one of your selves — each of your wavicles or creatures or “children” — everything it truly desires on the finest feeling level. The bodily integrity of your Love (dharana) draws everything and every one into a laser-like coherence of Light (dhyana) to Ascend as your devotees in a heavenly choir of ecstasy or Laughter (samadhi) here and now.

When Love brings your stories into conscious harmony, Light dawns and the Laughter of Paradise rings in your daily life.

There’s only One of us!

Call 641-919-7423 to arrange a private WW session, or try an online Wavicle Workshop here.

Disclaimer: Rory Goff is a spiritual teacher, and imparts knowledge and techniques which are spiritual only. None of his teachings and techniques is intended to be used at any time as a substitute for any services provided by mental, emotional, or physical health professionals, or by professional financial advisors.